Friday, 1 April 2011

Professor Ryan Botox

Professor Brian Cox and Gia Milinovich

I like Professor Brian Cox. I loved his Wonders of the Solar System, I felt my brain nearly explode whilst watching Wonders of the Universe and I enjoy his Friday stints on the Shaun Keaveny Show on BBC6Music. OK and yes, he's also undeniably fit which doesn't hurt. Although he claims people only say that because he looks a bit better than Patrick Moore.

In the last year he's become a bit of a superstar himself, his success I think is down to the way his enthusiasm for physics, something most of us remember hating in school as it was invariably taught by a portly balding man in glasses, sporting a comb over, shoulders bedeckt with dandruff, and who you just knew drunk stuff from the chemistry lab at lunchtime. I have lost count of the amount of people I've heard or read saying, "I wish Brian Cox had been my physics teacher at school". And not just women...Gay men too! No, you get my point- not just for his looks, but for the way he makes the impenetrable at least interesting, if not entirely simple. If it were all about looks then surely vacant eye candy like Vernon Kay would have the same adoration. But folk think he's a twat, so that's that argument blown out of the water.

I'm not going to go on about how attractive he is. For one his wife, Gia Milinovich is heartily sick of it. A TV presenter and boffin in her own right, she wrote in the Guardian about how she feels entirely ignored as a result of Brian's charisma and looks and latterly massive success. Eek!

What I am going to go on about is my students and my relationship with Brian. Every week, someone will try and get a rise out of me by criticising Brian. Usually as a diversion tactic when I'm teaching. It's all good humoured. But recently I found myself drawn into it. In fact, I even helped them in their spoofing of dear star and space loving Brian. On Monday we shot this. Brian, please forgive me, I was swept along with the tide. It must have been the phase of the moon.

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Steve said...

Very, very good. We like Prof Brian in our house. And Dr Alice Roberts. They're kind of a television brother and sister.

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Heather said...

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