Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Angry Map of Scotland

First in an occasional series of pictorial/art blog posts here is my Angry Map of Scotland. Did this just for personal art therapy and make my sister laugh, but I have had a lot of folk asking about prints of it since I tweeted it so I've got some nice ones ordered on nice German Etching paper and mounted ready to frame. You and other Tunnocks eschewing Yessers, vile cybernats (TM Daily Mail) and rabid separatists can get them at my Folksy Shop which I've reopened now that indyref campaigning is over and I can start earning a living again.

You can get one here. Obviously the prints won't have the watermark on (a chum just gave me a row for putting up a high res image without a watermark! I can be a wee bit naive...)

The original which is A3 sized and framed is going to be auctioned off by the Ellon SNP who are hoping to raise enough money to keep the Yes Ellon shop open until the general election. If anyone wants to put a bid in for that get in touch via the email button over on the right and tell me what you'd like to bid with your email address and I'll let them know.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Papa Don't Preach

Here he comes to save the day!